Thursday, May 5, 2011

Not as planned...

But better than expected. The Initial Core Theory holds some merit, although not as much as we wish it would. Nurturing a hero semi-artificially did not work. Back to the drawing board.

Disclaimer: I am not K-OS Survival, I merely appropriated his accoutnt. You may call me Nick.

K-OS Survival should not surface within The Boy anymore, his account will now be under my supervision.

If anyone is wondering what happenned to Peter, he is now no more than a dream - a nightmare upon Slender Man.
The Boy who was Peter, however, has woken up yesterday, with no memory of the past few months. He has contacted his family and is going home. He is safe within his ignorance of the threat.

James has not informed The Boy of anything, even though he wanted to thank him for saving his life. He is on the run now and is in possession of The Sledgehammer, The Nova, Hobson's Clothing and The GPS Unit.

This story is over. A new one may surface.

We are, I hope, your Friends.

The Nick of Time.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I've been asked to post this by the man who aimed a rifle at me.

My name is James Ganning, I was told that I could save my brother's life if I kill Peter Biggs. The police could not, after weeks of work do anything. I agreed to the kidnappers' terms. I was to have two of their bunch with me to make sure I went through with it and I was supposed to have a video camera on me at all times. Ididn't get it really. After some tracking by Mike and Lindsey, the kidnappers who were supposed to accompany me, we found Peter in a lonely motel in the middle of nowhere.

You know the rest until Pete left the motel in his Nova.

I'm posting this from a cellar in an abandoned house in Ohio, Peter is sleeping soundly in a bed next to the desk I'm at, and has been doing so for quite some time. And yet, somehow, for some reason, he's saved my life.

You see, after he left the motel Lindsey and Mike went berserk. I'm not sure what exactly happened then, everything went so fast. When I finally grasped what was going on, Lindsey was lying on top of me, shot dead by Nick, the guy with the rifle, Nick himself was wounded and Mike was storming off in his black Toronado, oh god, that car is just scary.

Then again it's not half as scary what had later come upon us in the motel. We could not leave - any road we took just took us back to it. Nick said it was to be expected. He said we would probably die that night. Luckily it wasn't so.

I saw the monstorsity you people fight and run from. I was frozen stiff watching the humanoid and yet completely inhuman form...I can't remember when or how it appeared, but it was there, a storm of otherworldly flesh and that blank slate of a head. Oh Lord, I thought it was my time.

Then Pete just walked out of a door, sledgehammer slung over his shoulder, making a boast. God, I remember it word for word:
"I'm disappointed Slenderbitch, you were supposed to come for ME after I escaped that maze. It wasn't even that hard, not with the hammer. It wasn't hard, and neither will you be!"
He said that and charged the abomination, hammer swinging.
And then the tendrils impaled him and ripped him apart.

I was still standing there, frozen with awe, doubly so from the brief entrance ashattering of hope when I heart Peter's voice again, this time from behind me, saying something about the rules being different this time around, as he walked past me, hammer slung over hi shoulder and charged.
Impaled and ripped to shreds again.

But he seemed to be behind every door and every corner. He charged in blindly every time, but each destruction was less immediate and certain than the last. He started getting closer, death by death, to the beast. He started hitting it with the sledge. During one of his deaths he yelled at us to get out of there.

We didn't need to be told twice. We left. After reaching the nearest town we found out one simple thing.
It was the second of May. Over a month, just gone. Nick insisted I come with him to Ohio, since his arme was wounded and he might have needed a pair of hands.

He led me here, we arrived a couple hours ago. Mike was standing over Pete when we entered, with a knife in his hand raised for the stab. I tackled him and only then saw his face. It looked like it had been smashed witha sledgehammer and considering Peter, it probably was. He spouted something about having loved stabbing my brother and how'd he love doing that to Pete. I snapped and started pummeling him. Never knew I had it in me.

Unfortunately, Mike managed to run away and I'm posting this. I don't understand most of what happenned. Why I was to kill him, even thought they obviously have more able men for the job, how that creature can exist, why we couldn't leave, how Pete just reappeared every time that thing tore him apart.

What I know is that I owe him. I know from Nick that he cannot do that back-to-life trick if he is killed by a man. Or out of that motel. Or something, I'm not sure I understood the explanation.
I'm taking him to a hospital first. I'll keep watch. It's my turn to save him.

I wish you all luck.

Jimmy Ganning.
As of now, A Fighter.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Center of the maze

Mike wasn't here today.

I wish he were, even in that twisted, bizarre form, I wish he were, rather than what I see here right now.

I'm in the basement of the designated house. And I have not felt this afraid since the first time the Slender Man grabbed me.
The basement is the room from the labyrinth in my dreams, bed, desk, computer, projector and all. Nobody is here but me and the so-called "task" was written on a note stuck to the desk.

"Sleep here with your gifts and Dream - K-OS"

I'm not sure if I'm not living a nightmare, but this seems, terminal.
As if I were never to wake up after I do this.

Or maybe not.

Maybe this will finally let me wake up.

Good night, everyone.
Wish me luck.

-Pete Biggs

Sunday, April 24, 2011


I've found the house.

The kid...Mike...the bastard with the black Oldsmobile was there waiting for me. Waiting with a machete in his hand.

He's dead...I can't even properly remeber what happenned...everything went so fast, but somehow he barely even touched me...I remember bludgeoning his head in full swing...and then he got up. I hammered away at him, but he just kept getting up, even after he was barely anything more than a meaty pulp with the faintest semblance of the human form...

I ran away. Oh God...I don't want this to happen again...

But somehow I know I need to go there again...

Please forgive me.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Deposit, return and chase...

Sorry for the late update. I've had a rough week.

But from the beginning - the deposit box. Inside was a note, a map of some kind of suburb I guess and an address in Ohio. The note said as follows:

"Dear Peter,
I am so sorry for dragging you into this, but not being sure of myself being, I wanted to make sure somebody got a shot at that that thing and he's beyond my reach.
I made preparations and called in some favours to make sure you came prepared, but I'll have to go into hiding soon myself - I challenged the monster directly and it took a bite out of  me. This may have destabilised it, or empowered.
Or both.
The Nicks will be of help, and I hope that madman's - Robert's thory still holds some power when you'll be reading this, as they should have supported you with items that could, under certain conditions, be called a Sword, Shield and Shroud. The rest is up to you - this box should contain directions to a single house in a single neighbourhood in Ohio, where you'll face a challenge.
If you pass this challenge the monster will step forth to challenge you out of its own volition.
The choice is yours, but I believe that you can do this.

Mentally yours,

P.S. Thank the Nicks if you have the chance."

Attached to the note was a photo, signed by the three men in it:
Nicholas Sanden, Nicholas Hobson and Nicholas Wright.
They were standing under a big sign saying "Three Nicks of Time" and I recognized them easily. The old man who gave me the Hammer, my employer who gave me the gloves, cap and scarf and the guy who helped me at the motel, who gave me the GPS unit.

I've been thinking about this through the entire flight back. I can run all my life. I can make it. I can survive.
Alternatively, I can step against an unkown challenge which will then make the Slender Man attack me directly. Again.
Seems like an easy choice, survival, doesn't it? But I've got nothing to return to and K-OS apparently put in a lot of effort into this.
And if I somehow succeeded... too good to be true, isn't it?

I was still thinking about this when I got the Nova back and got on the road. And then I felt a bump from behind. I was getting rammed by a black Odlsmobile Toronado. I glanced in the mirror expecting to see matted hair and a tired expression, but it wasn't Jimmy Ganning behind the wheel - it was mike with the most insane evil grin I have ever witnessed. No-one else was in the car.

He was trying to push me off the road and I decided that best course of action would be to leg it, so I did - I pulled 180 while changing lanes and bolted away from him, but he caught up quickly and every time I glanced at him in that mirror, the grin seemed to be bigger and madder. The rest of the chase was a blur, but I'm quite sure that I violated enough traffic regulations to put me in prison for life. I managed to lose him and got on the interstate.

I'm in Ohio right now and I don't know what I'm gonna do, but one thing I know.
Coffee is good.

Signing off

Thursday, March 31, 2011


I was saved. At least my life was. I managed to get out of that plane alive, if questioned by the police.

But let me begin.

After waking up at the empty motel another time I was greeted by the roar of engines. I saw a black car, an Oldsmobile I think, and a motorbike, a proper one, not one of those speeder shits, parking out side the motel. The biker removed his helmet to reveal a guy barely, if at all, out of his teens, he had short black hair, keen eyes and was wearing a Ramone Jacket. A couple came out the car, a guy in a worn trench coat, with matted hair, looking to be well in his thirties, who carried a handheld movie camera and a girl, not a day over twenty-five, cute, a bit frightened looking, dressed in some fancy jacket. They talked a bit and started towards the stairs, the trench coat guy filming all the time.

I turned to the door and saw a post-it note stuck to it.
"Run away, Run away, Run away!
Survive, help will come.


Without thinking much I went out to the balcony and tossed my bag onto a neighbouring one, then waited until I heard them near my door, jumped to the balcony with my stuff, tossed and jumped to another still and entered the room.
I took out the hammer and stuffed the bag under the bed. When they broke down the door of my room I peeked outside. Seeing them all come in I snuck out and made a dash for the stairs. Only they weren't there, just more walkway and more rooms, with the walkway branching somehow as I ran.

Finally, it somehow came full cirlce and I ran straight into trench coat guy coming out of another room they were checking, basically straight into his camera. The motel was back to normal.

"Peter Biggs?" he asked "The name is James Ganning, these are Lindsey Frank and Mike Bouffat, we were looking for you."
All this time he spoke in a sad voice with a solemn look on his face.
"As far as I know, yes, but what I know is questionable..." I answered "Why do you ask?"
"I need to kill you..." he said, tears appearing in his eyes "...or my brother will die." he handed the camera to the girl... to Lindsey and took out a butterfly knife from under his coat.
He obviously wasn't either good with a knife or used to the idea of killing someone (on that note, I hope I'm not), and luckily for me, he stabbed the handle of my hammer. I headbutted him immediately, shoved him away with a kick  and ran for the stairs, while Lindsey and Mike looked a bit bewildered. This time the stairs were where they were supposed to be. I dashed down them then heard a shot. A sideglance told me the kid was holding a pistol of some kind. He obviously wasn't too good a shot, but a single bad hit from a gun could immobilise me, and that'd be it. So I ducked into the nearest roomed and scurried around the motel, giving them my best ever performance in hide and seek.
All this time they were trying to convince to give up.
"We know you have no one.", "We'll make it quick, we promise!", "We have to do this, please forgive us!" "Please, it's my brother he's got!"
When they where already downstairs for a while I took my chance and hurried as quietly as possible back up. I tossed a chair down from the walkway, so that it'd land near the kid and it worked perfectly - he emptied his entire clip into nothing and it didn't seem he had an extra. I leaned over them and spoke.
"I don't know, what or how the faceless dude told you, but out of any deal you make with him, you'll get the short end only."
"Faceless?" asked Mike "You mean his face is all bust up?"
"No, I mean he doesn't have one...wait. He doesn't speak, who did you make a deal with?"
"You mean the masked guy in the photo?" said Lindsey.
"So, he used a are untainted..." I said sadly. I could probably take all three of them easily, but doing that would be a really asshole move, I mean, they were clean, only trying to save a loved one, with probably no-one to turn to.

"You guys! Don't move!" I heard a shout, when I turned I saw an aged man in hunting gear with a rifle aimed at the three of them. "Pete? Get in your car make a run for it."
"But, my fia-" Lindsey started, but the guy cut her off.
"Lady, that Nick is already dead, no matter what you do. Pete! Why aren't you going to your car?!"

Something told me this was a man I could trust, if only the sight of him aiming his gun at my attackers. I grabbed my bag, stuffed the hammer into it and went to the car.

"Have this." the man said tossing me a GPS "Go to the programmed location. Everything else you need is under your windshield wiper."
"I can't leave here though" I said "I tried, you know, a lot."
"With that you can."

And I could. On my car I found two airline tickets, for a journey there and back to Phoenix, Arizona and a key to deposit box in Phoenix. The GPS led me to an airport and I boarded the plane. It was some fancy airline that had in-flight internet access, hence my last post.

After the kid and I noticed Slendy manipulating people things got hectic.
"Mommy, that man is scary!" said the kid, pointing to one passenger, behind whom Slendy was currently, I don't know, leaning, floating, something in between. The mother, of course, started convincing the kid that there's nothing wrong with the man and that it wasn't nice to call people scary like that. Reasonable, really, but sad.

I called the stewardess that Slendy hung behind earlier, ordered (another) complimentary drink. I asked her, in a low whisper, how her puppetmaster was doing.
"He's busy looking for your strings." she answered, before going away to get my drink.

I strategically stood up and went towards the bathroom, when I heard the kid say something that worried me.
"That man IS scary AND there's a MONSTER behind him!" he protested. I glanced at the guy with whom Slender Man was at the time. In the bathroom I considered this - the kid sees old Gaunt, but that's what kids do.
But there were other children on the plane and not one of them noticed. And this little guy separated the issue that there's a monster behind a guy from the issue that the man is somehow scary. I heard a knocking.
"Your drink, SIR."
I opened the door and took the drink from her. I intended to say something witty at the time, but that went down the shit pipe.
"GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!" the 'Scary Man' roared and stood up, stumbling, while clutching his head.
Someone made the mistake of trying to calm the guy down, so he grabbed that person's head instead and crushed it on a seat. Only then did I notice that no-face was nowhere to be seen. Panic started, as the man could not be restrained and continued to maim people and kill some of them.
I grabbed the Stewardess and pulled her into the bathroom. I pressed her against the wall.
"CARGO HOLD! WHERE IS IT? HOW DO I GET IN?" I snarled at her. Stupid questions I know, and she gave me the most obvious of directions, but I needed the key she had.

After she gave it to me I knocked her out cold and started towards the door. Then I heard the guy right outside. I slammed him with the door and made a dash for the staircase. I was in the cargo hold ridiculously fast. And there was Slender Man, right next to my bag.
"Puppet problems?" I asked, defiantly. Big mistake, he just appeared directly in front of me and tossed me against the wall. He started flaing his weird extremities again and I thought that even after all this time they're still the stuff of nightmares.

I made a lunge for my bag.
"There are people there who need saving, and while I suck at this, it's probably up to me", that's what I thought.
I turned to Slendy.
"Stop! Hammertime!" I said. His tendrils went flying at me. He hit me and grabbed the hammer. He was trying to yank it away from me.
"Stalling for time, are we?" I asked and jumped with his yank, allowing myself to be tossed near the staircase "...I've got a man to smash. One that's not you, see you!"
I made a dash up the stairs and followed the screams of fear. I saw him cornering a bunch of frightened people, all pressed against a wall together, a broken food cart lay near, while he brandished its ripped off handle.
"Yo! Shitface!" I yelled and he turned to me. He looked feverish and beastly, like a wild animal in pain or a raving madman. He dashed at me. I swung my hammer, he thrusted with the handle. Everything went red, then black.

I woke up when we were landing, everything seemed almost alright. Everyone apparently remembered there being an armed man on-board, suddenly attacking passengers and me tackling him and restraining him, but no crying of monsters and definetly no sledgehammer. I was questioned by the police after the landing. I got a thank you from the airline, for the help (and keeping quiet, so I won't mention WHICH airline it was) in the form of free flights for a whole year, so I've been to quite few "different places" and I'm heading back to get the Nova right now.

Seems I'll need it. This is getting lenghty, so I think I'll update later with what I found in the deposit box.

Still on the run.
Peter Biggs

Monday, March 21, 2011

Different places

Are where I'm going.
Thank you, preson who cares, that hit the spot.

I'm way up high in the air. On an airplane, of course.
Oh shit. There's a problem.
I have to say, M, if you ever read this: your rules don't work for me. He's on the goddamn plane, puppeteering a few people, including at least one stewardess, like he did with those guys on Halloween.
The kid behind me noticed him, and I think an old lady a few seats in front of me also - she glanced in his direction and started praying.

Damn, the hammer had to go the luggage hold.

Keep dem fingers crossed.