Monday, February 21, 2011

How many times it was...I can't explain.
I've posted this so many times.

I went to the hotel back then, but no one was there, no one at all. As if everyone had disappeared as I walked through the door. I waited. I rang the bell.
Then they came in.
The "party poopers" from Halloween.
One limping with a smashed knee.
One with his head bobbing, smashed from the side.
One with his head gone, and only a stump of a neck sprouting from his torso.
They were slowly pacing my way from every direction. Shambling, like fucking zombies.

I didn't care if this was real, Slender Man's mind trick, me finally goin bonkers, or anything else.
I ran towards the entrance and rammed through the door.

With all due respect, I'm not going to try my luck with zombies.

Straight into mister Hobson's, my employer's, storeroom. I knocked down a box of books and he came in behind me.
He looked at my face and handed me package from one of his shelves.
"Here, it's cold outside." he said.

In the package was a pair of warm leather gloves, a woolen cap and a scarf. Grey, with a glint and shimmer, as if they were silver. I put them on, stepped out, sat down in the Nova and stepped on the gas.

And then I woke up. My meeting in the hotel was still due, after a day's work.
So I posted this and went to work. And mister Hobson gave me the gloves, scarf and cap during my coffee break.
And at the hotel...well...the same thing happenned, only instead of running out into the storeroom, I ran outside the store's front door, with mr. Hobson behind me, saying "Go on, lad. I can manage. Run!"
And as soon as I stepped on the gas, I woke up.

I can't count how many times this has happenned.
So many scenarios were there, though, with little differences - sometimes the guys would look just fine, sometimes spectral, sometimes Slendy would be with them, sometimes instead of them, sometimes it was the middle of the day for some reason, sometimes early morning, sometimes I tried to fight, sometimes I would get beat down before reaching the door and just barely make it out, but a few constants remain:
Me, Mr. Hobson, his gift, the Hammer and the Nova.
I broke the loop. I did not go to the hotel this time, I set the blogger to post this at some time later. I don't know if this will reach anybody, but I'd love to wake up after going to sleep for once.

I'm on the prowl again.
I'm going slightly mad.