Sunday, November 28, 2010

Price of Freedom... a damn good piece of music. I've got it looped on my mp3 right now,  as it came to mind when I saw what happenned to that Robert/Greentlight person.

I hope he'll be fine - he went through worse shit than I ever did and while he wasn't the genius some made him out to be, he was quite smart, even if he wasn't right in the head.
Or maybe because.

I'm tired. And I keep dreaming of the maze. Only I can't find the way to the center anymore.

And then there's the regular ditching of the "party poopers" who keep finding me with a resolve worth of praise. If it's theirs.

I feel like a character in a badly written story - everything I know of myself , past and present, feels artificial and my current predicament feels like an obligatory tragedy that the protagonist should overcome in the end.
Shame I'm only a bit character who's probably being controlled by some evil, demented puppet-master.
Anyone who got the reference is officially a nerd.

I see all this happenning and I really wish I could help somehow.

This is all so fucked up. Most people would want it to stop.
I just want it to get better.

Signing out,

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Stupidity leads to nightmares

Okay, seriously.

Last week, after reading Zero's Fool's Errand/Tales of Projectile Vomit I blew my top.

I got to my hidey-hole, packed my stuff and skipped town, with enough rage to make the Goddamn Juggernaut jealous, stomping like  that was going to accomplish anything.

I had a simple plan: I expected him behind the next potential safehouse's door. That was the extent of it.

I got to the next town, I found the nicest possible safehouse, I went in.
There he was, in all his tendrily, gaunt, faceless "glory".

I lost it, I swung, aiming to sock him in the gut, if had anything like that.
As you can guess that didn't happen. Or maybe it did, I'm not sure, I felt like something was wrong, then he was standing behind me instead of in front and my punch didn't connect.

I went berserk, yelling, screaming, trying to hit him with everything in the house.

I wore myself out with that and as I stood there, panting, trying to catch my breath and glaring at him I asked in defiance:
"Aren't you going to do ANYTHING?!?"

Big mistake, but probably not as much as trying to attack him directly. Only then did I notice the tendrils crawling from him, along the floor, up to my feet.
They shot at me.
Before I could move they were already gripping my face.

I blacked out.

I had one of the most FUCKED UP nightmares then. It

Fuck, gotta fly, I'll finish this in a few hours.

Someone tell me what happenned this week, it's like the entire world has gone mad!

O-kay, first let me note how crazy you guys must be to go PLANNING an attack against that thing.
I know I wasn't of sane mind when I attacked him, but I was rage-fueled.

But back to myself. I recently, which is to say, fro the last two days, find myself followed by someone else than our tall and lanky not-friend. The guys from the party. The ones he hovered behind.

 That's why I had to log off. I noticed one of them, so I had to lose the bastard.

And I was going to describe the nightmare.
It started on a huge-ass field of grass flowing in the wind at night. You know, one of the really cliche movie-kind. I walked through the field, confused and afraid, for what seemed like hours. I felt suspicious, like I was being watched, so I turned around and there he was.
The Slenderman.
Vividly remembering how pointless it is to try and physically assault the monster I did the natural thing.
I turned 180 degrees and ran like fuck.
When I stopped for breath I was already in a building.
A maze of all things. I proceeded through it, it changed from a regular labirynth, through a maze of mirrors, a maze of doors and to a maze of moving rooms. After I don't know how long I made it to the center, a small room.
In it was a bed, on which someone was sleeping, face covered, but the snoring kept me reassured that it was no corpse. There was also a desk  with a computer linked to a huge screen. In front of that desk sat...someone.
He/she typed on the screen: ImsorryImsorryImsorryImsorryImsorryImsorryImsorryImsorryImsorryImsorrymyfaultmyfaultmyfaultmyfaultmyfaultmyfaultmyfault and so forth and so on.
I asked "What is your fault?" - the answer was a POV video of Slenderman wrapping himself around the camera and whoever was holding it. Umpteen seconds later it showed him... convulsing, I guess, then slouching.
And then another one sprouted from his back. What came of this I can only describe as a Siamese Slenderman. It reminded me of that one one scene from End of Evangelion, in case anyone saw the darn thing. The video ends.
I try to change the subject so I ask who the guy asleep is.
Monitor answers:
See For Yourself, eh?

I pick up the sheets and the person sleeping looks eerily similar to me, only with little details different. You know, haircut, I don't wear glasses, things like that. I gasp at this.

I ask "Who are YOU, then?" and the person turns around and I see...

A nurse leaning over me, as I wake up in a hospital bed. Three days after the incident. In the next state.

So yeah.

Signing out,

What the goddamn hell is it with all those (titles or shit)?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Behind doors

Something happenned recently that I don't like one bit, but maybe I'm becoming too habitual.
A couple of days ago, when I got to the town I am at now, I found what seemed to be the perfect safehouse - a house, quite sizeable, whose owner was talking to his neighbour out front about how he's going on a vacation with his family, how he left the keys at the usual place and how cousin such-and-such might come by to look at the house, but it's doubtful. Seriously, don't ever have such conversations out loud in front of your house, someone less friendly than me could be listening in on it.
The "usual place" was under an empty flower pot near the door, the plan was to call the cousin (family member's phone numbers are usually deceptively easy to find around the house and people with flu sound all the same) and detract her from calling, but in the end I didn't stay there.
That's because as soon as I opened the door I came face-to-face with the faceles abomination, like he knew I was going to be there and waited for me. I froze for a moment and then saw these...tendrils crawling around him on the floor, slammed the door and made a new track record for running a hellishly long distance.
"Okay" I thought "that one was just too good to be true" and went about looking for shelter as I usually do.
I finally decided to spend the night at a homeless shelter (by now I look the part somewhat), but I managed to find a suitable apartment yesterday, not quite as stocked as the first one would be (i guess), but it does it's job.
I don't know how related that is, but once I settled down I got a heavy case of "the notebooks" - I just filled two notebooks with gibberish, the usual "HE WAITS FOR ME" bull and (X)s in record time. They're burning away right now - they no longer have any purpose and God forbid anyone, especially a slender-free anyone, sees them.

Anyway, I think I'll keep spending my days at the library until I see him there, since he hasn't shown up inside for some reason.

Okay, I'm signing out,

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Here I am, running from a faceless horror, guided by a person whom I have never seen.
I am told to seek help from a Hermit and Three Sages. And what happens to the Sages? They stop being Sages, with one most probably dying, another sealed off on the far side of River Styx, and the third nearly fatally assaulted.

Luckily enough, Robert seems to have nominated three new Sages to fill their shoes.

I hope these three will be able to help.

Also, if anyone is interested, I haven't seen Him since the party and this unnerves me somewhat. In the last weeks I used to encounter him quite often, and this seems to me like "calm before the storm" scenario far too much for my pleasure.

Any helpful advice is welcome, from anyone at all. How can I prepare myself for the incoming encounter, or even defend myself successfully if He attacks me directly? I feel it in my gut that it'll happen, I need every edge I can get.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


First thing's first: the party was okay, great even.

There was a lot of dancing, some singing, a couple games, and at the end I had to run like I never ran before, but I'll get to that. Also, if anyone sees photos of a guy in that costume spinning hula hoops on his arms, that's me.
My costume got a few startled stares, a mix of criticism and appreciation and at least two different people stated they'd prefer nobody to come as our dear faceless horror.
For half the party he himself was nowhere to be seen, although when I was participating in a game where we had to select three random songs using a media player on shuffle and then dance/sing/whatever to them, all three times I got, after a quick distortion, Don Mclean's "American Pie" (I love the song, but what the hell?).
After a while I saw him, but he wasn't just standing there, like he usually does, nor was he making his way towards me. He stood behind some people, one at a time, leaning towards them as if he was whispering something to them, after which they'd cast a quick look in my direction and get back to whatever they were doing.
After doing this to half a dozen people he disappeared and the party went on normally. At the end made a mistake - apparently I made out with someone's girlfriend, which caused some of the party's participants to want to kick me to the curb, so I did what I learned to excell at - I ran (and running on stilt-shoes is not easy). Funnily, my pursuers were the same ones that tall-pale-and-faceless stood behind earlier. They were quick on their feet, but I managed to shake them.
When I got to my safe-house I locked it all tight and immediately fell asleep.
After waking up I found a note: "Remember them, because they remember YOU". This made me decide, that the smartest thing to do would be skipping town, which I did.

I got a few "regular" sightings in the meantime, and I'm worried about his ability to overcome people's minds so quickly. The costume was not a good idea.

Signing out,