Thursday, May 5, 2011

Not as planned...

But better than expected. The Initial Core Theory holds some merit, although not as much as we wish it would. Nurturing a hero semi-artificially did not work. Back to the drawing board.

Disclaimer: I am not K-OS Survival, I merely appropriated his accoutnt. You may call me Nick.

K-OS Survival should not surface within The Boy anymore, his account will now be under my supervision.

If anyone is wondering what happenned to Peter, he is now no more than a dream - a nightmare upon Slender Man.
The Boy who was Peter, however, has woken up yesterday, with no memory of the past few months. He has contacted his family and is going home. He is safe within his ignorance of the threat.

James has not informed The Boy of anything, even though he wanted to thank him for saving his life. He is on the run now and is in possession of The Sledgehammer, The Nova, Hobson's Clothing and The GPS Unit.

This story is over. A new one may surface.

We are, I hope, your Friends.

The Nick of Time.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I've been asked to post this by the man who aimed a rifle at me.

My name is James Ganning, I was told that I could save my brother's life if I kill Peter Biggs. The police could not, after weeks of work do anything. I agreed to the kidnappers' terms. I was to have two of their bunch with me to make sure I went through with it and I was supposed to have a video camera on me at all times. Ididn't get it really. After some tracking by Mike and Lindsey, the kidnappers who were supposed to accompany me, we found Peter in a lonely motel in the middle of nowhere.

You know the rest until Pete left the motel in his Nova.

I'm posting this from a cellar in an abandoned house in Ohio, Peter is sleeping soundly in a bed next to the desk I'm at, and has been doing so for quite some time. And yet, somehow, for some reason, he's saved my life.

You see, after he left the motel Lindsey and Mike went berserk. I'm not sure what exactly happened then, everything went so fast. When I finally grasped what was going on, Lindsey was lying on top of me, shot dead by Nick, the guy with the rifle, Nick himself was wounded and Mike was storming off in his black Toronado, oh god, that car is just scary.

Then again it's not half as scary what had later come upon us in the motel. We could not leave - any road we took just took us back to it. Nick said it was to be expected. He said we would probably die that night. Luckily it wasn't so.

I saw the monstorsity you people fight and run from. I was frozen stiff watching the humanoid and yet completely inhuman form...I can't remember when or how it appeared, but it was there, a storm of otherworldly flesh and that blank slate of a head. Oh Lord, I thought it was my time.

Then Pete just walked out of a door, sledgehammer slung over his shoulder, making a boast. God, I remember it word for word:
"I'm disappointed Slenderbitch, you were supposed to come for ME after I escaped that maze. It wasn't even that hard, not with the hammer. It wasn't hard, and neither will you be!"
He said that and charged the abomination, hammer swinging.
And then the tendrils impaled him and ripped him apart.

I was still standing there, frozen with awe, doubly so from the brief entrance ashattering of hope when I heart Peter's voice again, this time from behind me, saying something about the rules being different this time around, as he walked past me, hammer slung over hi shoulder and charged.
Impaled and ripped to shreds again.

But he seemed to be behind every door and every corner. He charged in blindly every time, but each destruction was less immediate and certain than the last. He started getting closer, death by death, to the beast. He started hitting it with the sledge. During one of his deaths he yelled at us to get out of there.

We didn't need to be told twice. We left. After reaching the nearest town we found out one simple thing.
It was the second of May. Over a month, just gone. Nick insisted I come with him to Ohio, since his arme was wounded and he might have needed a pair of hands.

He led me here, we arrived a couple hours ago. Mike was standing over Pete when we entered, with a knife in his hand raised for the stab. I tackled him and only then saw his face. It looked like it had been smashed witha sledgehammer and considering Peter, it probably was. He spouted something about having loved stabbing my brother and how'd he love doing that to Pete. I snapped and started pummeling him. Never knew I had it in me.

Unfortunately, Mike managed to run away and I'm posting this. I don't understand most of what happenned. Why I was to kill him, even thought they obviously have more able men for the job, how that creature can exist, why we couldn't leave, how Pete just reappeared every time that thing tore him apart.

What I know is that I owe him. I know from Nick that he cannot do that back-to-life trick if he is killed by a man. Or out of that motel. Or something, I'm not sure I understood the explanation.
I'm taking him to a hospital first. I'll keep watch. It's my turn to save him.

I wish you all luck.

Jimmy Ganning.
As of now, A Fighter.