Monday, March 14, 2011

Sensory overdose

Now I'm sure I'm dreaming, but I can hope I sleepwalk enough to reach you people.

I am back at the motel, at least that's where the roads led me, time and time again. This is just all beyond me... when did I fall asleep? Was I ever awake?

I ask myself why I'm even asking you about this. Odds are, none of you will read this, but I think this at least works as a bit of a vent.

It's like I'm in a bad game, you know? Copy-pasted surroundings, bullshit story, horrible protagonist...

And the goddamn monster outside my window.

I've no idea why he won't just come in and destroy me. I know he can. Or maybe he already has and is toying with what's left.

Or maybe I'd have to wake up for real. Or dream for real.

I wish this would end somehow.


  1. just because you

    are in the same situation

    as many does

    not mean you are not

    unique in your


  2. Gah! D:

    I answer! Because I care!
    I don't know what to say to you, though... But maybe this will help a bit to calm down and feel a bit better:

    I really send a prayer for your safety. Or do the atheist equivalent, crossing my fingers. >.<