Thursday, May 5, 2011

Not as planned...

But better than expected. The Initial Core Theory holds some merit, although not as much as we wish it would. Nurturing a hero semi-artificially did not work. Back to the drawing board.

Disclaimer: I am not K-OS Survival, I merely appropriated his accoutnt. You may call me Nick.

K-OS Survival should not surface within The Boy anymore, his account will now be under my supervision.

If anyone is wondering what happenned to Peter, he is now no more than a dream - a nightmare upon Slender Man.
The Boy who was Peter, however, has woken up yesterday, with no memory of the past few months. He has contacted his family and is going home. He is safe within his ignorance of the threat.

James has not informed The Boy of anything, even though he wanted to thank him for saving his life. He is on the run now and is in possession of The Sledgehammer, The Nova, Hobson's Clothing and The GPS Unit.

This story is over. A new one may surface.

We are, I hope, your Friends.

The Nick of Time.

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