Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Center of the maze

Mike wasn't here today.

I wish he were, even in that twisted, bizarre form, I wish he were, rather than what I see here right now.

I'm in the basement of the designated house. And I have not felt this afraid since the first time the Slender Man grabbed me.
The basement is the room from the labyrinth in my dreams, bed, desk, computer, projector and all. Nobody is here but me and the so-called challenge...my "task" was written on a note stuck to the desk.

"Sleep here with your gifts and Dream - K-OS"

I'm not sure if I'm not living a nightmare, but this seems so...final...no, terminal.
As if I were never to wake up after I do this.

Or maybe not.

Maybe this will finally let me wake up.

Good night, everyone.
Wish me luck.

-Pete Biggs

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