Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Deposit, return and chase...

Sorry for the late update. I've had a rough week.

But from the beginning - the deposit box. Inside was a note, a map of some kind of suburb I guess and an address in Ohio. The note said as follows:

"Dear Peter,
I am so sorry for dragging you into this, but not being sure of myself being, I wanted to make sure somebody got a shot at that that thing and he's beyond my reach.
I made preparations and called in some favours to make sure you came prepared, but I'll have to go into hiding soon myself - I challenged the monster directly and it took a bite out of  me. This may have destabilised it, or empowered.
Or both.
The Nicks will be of help, and I hope that madman's - Robert's thory still holds some power when you'll be reading this, as they should have supported you with items that could, under certain conditions, be called a Sword, Shield and Shroud. The rest is up to you - this box should contain directions to a single house in a single neighbourhood in Ohio, where you'll face a challenge.
If you pass this challenge the monster will step forth to challenge you out of its own volition.
The choice is yours, but I believe that you can do this.

Mentally yours,

P.S. Thank the Nicks if you have the chance."

Attached to the note was a photo, signed by the three men in it:
Nicholas Sanden, Nicholas Hobson and Nicholas Wright.
They were standing under a big sign saying "Three Nicks of Time" and I recognized them easily. The old man who gave me the Hammer, my employer who gave me the gloves, cap and scarf and the guy who helped me at the motel, who gave me the GPS unit.

I've been thinking about this through the entire flight back. I can run all my life. I can make it. I can survive.
Alternatively, I can step against an unkown challenge which will then make the Slender Man attack me directly. Again.
Seems like an easy choice, survival, doesn't it? But I've got nothing to return to and K-OS apparently put in a lot of effort into this.
And if I somehow succeeded... too good to be true, isn't it?

I was still thinking about this when I got the Nova back and got on the road. And then I felt a bump from behind. I was getting rammed by a black Odlsmobile Toronado. I glanced in the mirror expecting to see matted hair and a tired expression, but it wasn't Jimmy Ganning behind the wheel - it was mike with the most insane evil grin I have ever witnessed. No-one else was in the car.

He was trying to push me off the road and I decided that best course of action would be to leg it, so I did - I pulled 180 while changing lanes and bolted away from him, but he caught up quickly and every time I glanced at him in that mirror, the grin seemed to be bigger and madder. The rest of the chase was a blur, but I'm quite sure that I violated enough traffic regulations to put me in prison for life. I managed to lose him and got on the interstate.

I'm in Ohio right now and I don't know what I'm gonna do, but one thing I know.
Coffee is good.

Signing off

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