Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Quick update - on the prowl.

Jack has made no contact all since I arrived in Denver. Maybe someone got to him before me because I made him compromise his location. If I did then fuck me. I'm still looking though, I'd perfer to have more on how they look. All I remember is that Stephanie's blond and that's not much help, but I guess she's not in town. I'll keep looking, but I need to stock up on some funds and while I may break and enter to have a place to sleep (don't ask me where I'm spending nights now) I draw the line at stealing, or rather before.
This means that the store that needs a stockboy will have one tomorrow. I got some razors and shaved, so while I still have goddamn mop on my head my face looks halfway presentable.

And on something of a mental note - except the "Jack and Stephanie gone" things seem to be looking up, no faceless monstrosities or masked men seen since I came to town, potential job, and nightmares are shorter. This all is too good to be true, so I'm worried that it might be all just a dream, and God knows I've been having some mighty vivid dreams lately.

To Jack: Still prowling Welton in my free time, on foot this time. Look for a six foot tall man-child with a dark blond mop on his head.

To anybody else: I doubt this makes it any easier for Slender Man to find me and if any of his cronies wants to give me trouble, well, I'm making losing people chasing me a speciality of mine.

Signing out,
Pete Biggs


  1. Heh, nice speciality. But unless you suddenly started dream typing, I think things might be going smoothly for once (I guess?) Good luck with the job, though.

  2. I can never see you... now that I think about it, whenever ///It/// is there, there are no people or cars... only him.........

    I think I may be loosing it. Anyways, come by now! I found her. Sort of. I found her blog. I am communicating with her as I write this.

    Gotta go. Come by the hotel, and I'll be outside in one hour!