Saturday, January 15, 2011

Who would have guessed it...

This night I had a relieving, of all things, nightmare. That is, had my dreams through the past months not been about running away from Slender Man through a confusing maze to meet something inside that I cannot face (because when I do face it, I just wake up with no recollection of what it is) this one, even though featuring Slendy, is tame by comparison.

Here's what occured in it.
I wandered into a town covered by fog, and the people in the streets looked at me with distrust. I was accused of something, not sure what, and I was put on trial.
After the prosecution spoke I asked who would defend me.
The judge answered "That would be mister Gaunt."
The main door of the courtroom opened and in stepped the Slender Man. He reached to his "face" and...took it off, like a mask, revealing the face of, devil knows why, Max von Sydow, only with burning red eyes.
"Don't worry" he said in a weird, slighty distorted voice "Mister Gaunt always knows best." and he smiled with the friendliest smile in the world. Only that smile terrified the shit out of me in the dream.
"Don't look back now." he said.

And that's when I woke up in a motel room. It was, I think, about 4 AM, but the dream made me start packing, but then I stopped, telling myself that it was just a god damn dream.
That's when I saw the note pinned to my room's door.

"Run away! Run away! Run Away!
High-toned son of a bitch is coming!"
Signed by "K-OS".

I burst out of there full-speed. I haven't even tried to sleep since, but I wonder, if that's not the worse option.

Also, I think I'll stop somewhere tomorrow and cut my damn hair, it's starting to look ridiculous.

See you, guys.

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