Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I had, just now, an epiphany about how powerless I really am against the faceless abomination that stalks me.

All I can do is run. Sure, I sometimes find refuge in defiance, running towards and past him, like I did not care, but that's just buying time.

I run, I extend the time of my life, I survive. But there is no meaning. I cannot fight back, hell, I can't help anyone.
I can't even give a useful piece of advice or think up the right thing to say in a tense situation.

I realized this, I realized hard, when seeing how things are going in-between Jack and Stephanie, and Sandra, Lya and Matt. A few simple words would have made a world of difference, but I did not send them.
Fear of responsibility, I guess. Or just plain fear. I don't know really, and I should seriously have done something.

I sometimes wish that there was something I could do except running.

Signing out,


  1. Okay, I just came on here, just glanced at this top post and I'm already saying 'FUCK THAT'

    We are not helpless dammit, it's that attitude that kills. Sweet Rurga, we're the ones 'freed' it, we can put it back. You have no idea about how much potential the human collective has.

    Look, I'm not saying fight him head on, or anything like that. Running is an act of defiance as well, but helpless we are not.

    It's alright to be afraid, a lack of fear is a sign of insanity, but that can be overcome. I might suggest looking over my blog for thoughts.

    I think I'll keep an eye on you, maybe even give you a bit of my good luck, if you can catch it. heh.

  2. aw, look at -zerombr-, all full of hope! but it's -you- who is correct in this matter, -pete-~.

    -pandora- opened the box, -eve- bit the apple, and so the whole world suffers... forever and ever and ever....

    run run run, it's all -we- can do. there is safety south...

  3. oh look, it's our resident A come back to discourage people again. What's your motive, Kim? You an interested third party, or are you shacking up with the tall dude?

  4. nope, not at all, just running running south, since =he's= even in my head and even when -i- tried =he= still came...

    not at all like -a-, no, just tried and trying and will try but gone~

    -i- encourage people to run because that's all -we- can do. =he= took the children -you- see, =he= took them all.

  5. Zero, give it a rest. I'm not agonizing - I'm frustrated, because I fail to grasp at opportunities to help people, who are, as much as I see it, in a worse situation than I am (and mine's pretty fucked up).
    I feel the need to help, you see, but I'm not in much a position to do so.
    Also, see you in the next post.