Friday, October 29, 2010


I feel the need to try something out, despite how hazardous, disrespectful and utterly stupid it may seem.

There's going to be a big Halloween party going on in the neighbourhood I'm currently in and I'm pretty sure I could get in. I intend to go, you probably guessed it by now, as tall-pale-and-faceless.

The point is, see if he appears to me, and whether his behavioral pattern changes - I sincerely don't believe this will protect me in any way, but he MAY see it as a form of defiance or, inversely, a form of submission. You never know. And besides, it's a party, you know, fun, music, girls. If he doesn't appear it'll be swell. If he does, it might be an occasion to learn. Surprisingly it's win-win.

Also, I wanna say something more about risky behaviour when it comes to me and mister happy - whenever I act defiantly he seems taken aback (or it may just be that jerky way he moves, but I'd rather be optimistic), that is, whenever I decide to run past him instead of away from him, or whenever I try to stare him down. It never accomplishes anything practical and it certainly doesn't stop him, but I'll take whatever little mental victories I can get.

Also, the moral for today is:
Banana juice is the greatest!

Signing out,

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