Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wow, a Blog, how I hate that word.

My name is Peter Biggs. Pete to anyone who cares.

For a couple of weeks I've been avoiding any unnecessary use of the internet, hoping it would help my "problem" and while it did keep it at bay for a while it is not a perfect deterrent, so I turn to those who might be able to help me. Or so I'm told they can.

Those people, as indicated by an unseen person who got me into this mess, are called: "M", and "The Three Sages" consisting of Robert, Jay and Shaun. Are you guys out there?

Also, despite the title, I don't think I'm going to make many references to Kingdom Hearts within this blog, as it's supposed to illustrate part of my problem.
All I remember of my life seems, by all outside accounts, fake.
My roommate? Apparently I never had any and my folks are covering all of the rent.
My school? No such building.
A couple more of such indicators coupled with the problem that I share with some of you, well, I started to run.

One thing I never noticed before: free internet is abundant.

Well, gotta fly, as it seems I might get another fit of my sickness in a short while.

Signing out.

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