Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sleep notes

The notes were the beginning.

Over a month ago, you see, I started finding post-it notes stuck to my monitor. Notes with URLs to several blogs, most prominently M's "Tutorial".
Then I got the login details for "", wich belongs to "K-OS Survival", who posted some rather outrageous claims on the "Tutorial" via such a note.
Also, a lot of messages like "Help them!" or "Run and survive". I thought they were bullshit and any sane man should disregard them as a prank on behalf of his friends, right?
One problem: the notes would always appear when I was sleeping, even napping, so either I had a stalker with perfect stealth skills, some kind of guardian angel, or I was writing the notes myself somehow. Neither of these possibilities sits well with me.
Then the creepy happennings started. No, I didn't start seeing a strange tall person in formal attire, that is, not by then. I did, howver, start finding dead birds on my doorstep. A sparrow, a pigeon, a crow. That, as I put it back then, was some fucked up shit.
Then I received the last note before encountering the faceless. It read: "You don't exist. Ask the landlady. Please forgive me. -K-OS". So I casually chatted up the landlady and, well, I found I never had a roommate. My parents were apparently covering the rent, but I couldn't then and I can't now, no matter how hard I try, remember their names.
Then, when I went to my school I found that it wasn't there. The note started sinking in. I turned to go back to the apartment. I saw Him, standing across the street, just staring.
I ran back home.
I took whatever money and potentially useful things I could take and I ran like fuck.

I still get the notes, usually as an early warning, and I grew to trust them. May be a mistake, but they've saved my skin a few times when the threat was, well, more natural. ("The owners of this house are coming back tomorrow morning, you might want to skeddadle" that sort)

Today I got a note saying: "It'smyfaultit'smyfaultit'smyfault" over and over in really big letters (for a post-it note, anyway) and "He couldn't digest. Help Sandra."

The only Sandra I know of is the one in H(a)unting and she seems to have disappeared according to Matt.

Great. I'd love to help, but I'm not a Hero, just a runner.

Signing out, Pete


  1. I'll help as best as I can, pete. but you have to understand, there's not much I can do other than offer advice. And M is a lot better at that than I am. Stay safe, stay high, stay cheerful and do whatever you find most useful and conducide to...y'know, survival. I hope you can make it, like so many others have.

    Hopefully, salvation is coming.

    Peace out,

  2. Interesting case, aren't -you-. Hopefully not too crazy, though. Good to meet -you-.

  3. Shaun, advice is fine and dandy for me, as I may not be as good an observer of my own run as I wish I was and God knows, I don't have the mind to experiment. Also, I'm "fine" for the time being. Try helping the "H(a)unting" crew first.

    Kim, I probably hope much more than you do, that I'm not *too* crazy.