Thursday, November 4, 2010


First thing's first: the party was okay, great even.

There was a lot of dancing, some singing, a couple games, and at the end I had to run like I never ran before, but I'll get to that. Also, if anyone sees photos of a guy in that costume spinning hula hoops on his arms, that's me.
My costume got a few startled stares, a mix of criticism and appreciation and at least two different people stated they'd prefer nobody to come as our dear faceless horror.
For half the party he himself was nowhere to be seen, although when I was participating in a game where we had to select three random songs using a media player on shuffle and then dance/sing/whatever to them, all three times I got, after a quick distortion, Don Mclean's "American Pie" (I love the song, but what the hell?).
After a while I saw him, but he wasn't just standing there, like he usually does, nor was he making his way towards me. He stood behind some people, one at a time, leaning towards them as if he was whispering something to them, after which they'd cast a quick look in my direction and get back to whatever they were doing.
After doing this to half a dozen people he disappeared and the party went on normally. At the end made a mistake - apparently I made out with someone's girlfriend, which caused some of the party's participants to want to kick me to the curb, so I did what I learned to excell at - I ran (and running on stilt-shoes is not easy). Funnily, my pursuers were the same ones that tall-pale-and-faceless stood behind earlier. They were quick on their feet, but I managed to shake them.
When I got to my safe-house I locked it all tight and immediately fell asleep.
After waking up I found a note: "Remember them, because they remember YOU". This made me decide, that the smartest thing to do would be skipping town, which I did.

I got a few "regular" sightings in the meantime, and I'm worried about his ability to overcome people's minds so quickly. The costume was not a good idea.

Signing out,


  1. Him communicating with people? Weird. Huzzah, making out with other people's girlfriends! At least you got some fun out of the party before skipping town. :D

  2. IT talked to people?!
    You're right, that's bad. I'm glad you're okay though. You were really tempting fate.

  3. @Jean: the "apparently" was there because I didn't make out with ANY girl at the party. That was the problem.

    @jill: "talked" is the wrong word here. In hindsight it gave me the impression of changing what people saw. What I don't get is how it chose them.