Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Here I am, running from a faceless horror, guided by a person whom I have never seen.
I am told to seek help from a Hermit and Three Sages. And what happens to the Sages? They stop being Sages, with one most probably dying, another sealed off on the far side of River Styx, and the third nearly fatally assaulted.

Luckily enough, Robert seems to have nominated three new Sages to fill their shoes.

I hope these three will be able to help.

Also, if anyone is interested, I haven't seen Him since the party and this unnerves me somewhat. In the last weeks I used to encounter him quite often, and this seems to me like "calm before the storm" scenario far too much for my pleasure.

Any helpful advice is welcome, from anyone at all. How can I prepare myself for the incoming encounter, or even defend myself successfully if He attacks me directly? I feel it in my gut that it'll happen, I need every edge I can get.


  1. I'm here Pete. you posted my blog twice by the way, as nice as that is. However I feel the need to mention Amanda


    So what you have is an unusual case, a 'helper' somewhere that manages to write notes to assist, as well as ole Gaunt using some influence of some sort on others to antagonize you.

    I'm going to guess that you were before this, a social person? Or perhaps something related to community, because that's where everything seems focused. I have a theory about your assistant, but I need more info. Are these notes written in an orderly fashion, how legible are they, and do they always use postit notes? Do you have them in the house? Anything to compare or contrast with your own writing style.

    I'm also interested in the illness you mentioned having, care to enlighten me?

  2. Fixed the entry.

    Before this? A bit of a slacker, sometimes a bit random, but not that much.

    As for the notes, they're written in what I would call "handwritten all-caps" with strong strokes of the pen/pencil/whatever was used to write them, so it'd be hard to compare with my usual handwriting. As to "Orderly fashion" it's hard to say, since they're really short statements written on post-it notes while I was still at my(?) apartment, now on whatever seems handy.

    I kept one, the "You don't exist..." one.
    Also, what illness? What are you referring to? I even double-checked the journal for notes on my health and I can't find anything. Probably meant "ole Gaunt", though.

  3. first entry

    "Well, gotta fly, as it seems I might get another fit of my sickness in a short while."

  4. ahh alright, just wanted to tie up any loose ends before I thought any further about your situation.

    Right now it seems your adviser seems legit, I suggest writing a post it of your own before you sleep, asking some basic questions, in hopes of a response.

  5. I looked up a bit more on K-OS. Seems benign, I think it's taken favor to you, which is probably good help. However if the notes take an odd turn, you don't always have to trust them.

    Also, Pete, do you like music, like Ayreon?

  6. Wait, what? Legit? Bening? What do you mean by odd turn? I don't follow.
    Please, elaborate.

    As to music, I don't think I've ever heard of that band before, I'm more into music like the ItaloBrothers, or Gentleman, you know.

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  8. ahh sorry, maybe I'm becoming more verbose as I ponder the issues at hand, or maybe being a (Sage) has made me cryptic!

    K-OS does seem to be truly helpful, I don't there's anything malicious about him/her.

    However if K-OS' notes start sPeAkINg LiKE ThIS and telling you to go into the trees or something stupid like that, then K-OS should not be considered a trusted helper anymore.

  9. A fan of Gentleman. *-* You, Sir, have a good taste! *goes back to reading*