Sunday, November 28, 2010

Price of Freedom... a damn good piece of music. I've got it looped on my mp3 right now,  as it came to mind when I saw what happenned to that Robert/Greentlight person.

I hope he'll be fine - he went through worse shit than I ever did and while he wasn't the genius some made him out to be, he was quite smart, even if he wasn't right in the head.
Or maybe because.

I'm tired. And I keep dreaming of the maze. Only I can't find the way to the center anymore.

And then there's the regular ditching of the "party poopers" who keep finding me with a resolve worth of praise. If it's theirs.

I feel like a character in a badly written story - everything I know of myself , past and present, feels artificial and my current predicament feels like an obligatory tragedy that the protagonist should overcome in the end.
Shame I'm only a bit character who's probably being controlled by some evil, demented puppet-master.
Anyone who got the reference is officially a nerd.

I see all this happenning and I really wish I could help somehow.

This is all so fucked up. Most people would want it to stop.
I just want it to get better.

Signing out,


  1. you and me both, Pete.

    It's so surreal to look at your life, and realize what it amounts to.

    I'm curious though, about these 'party poopers' you speak of, such as myself? perhaps?

  2. It's the guys from Halloween. I wrote earlier that they kept following me since then.

  3. ahh yes that's right, I remember. Sorry I haven't been catching up with you too much, lots of trouble.

    Take extra precaution till Christmas, Jeff just fell, so they're going to be pressuring the rest of us.