Monday, November 15, 2010

Behind doors

Something happenned recently that I don't like one bit, but maybe I'm becoming too habitual.
A couple of days ago, when I got to the town I am at now, I found what seemed to be the perfect safehouse - a house, quite sizeable, whose owner was talking to his neighbour out front about how he's going on a vacation with his family, how he left the keys at the usual place and how cousin such-and-such might come by to look at the house, but it's doubtful. Seriously, don't ever have such conversations out loud in front of your house, someone less friendly than me could be listening in on it.
The "usual place" was under an empty flower pot near the door, the plan was to call the cousin (family member's phone numbers are usually deceptively easy to find around the house and people with flu sound all the same) and detract her from calling, but in the end I didn't stay there.
That's because as soon as I opened the door I came face-to-face with the faceles abomination, like he knew I was going to be there and waited for me. I froze for a moment and then saw these...tendrils crawling around him on the floor, slammed the door and made a new track record for running a hellishly long distance.
"Okay" I thought "that one was just too good to be true" and went about looking for shelter as I usually do.
I finally decided to spend the night at a homeless shelter (by now I look the part somewhat), but I managed to find a suitable apartment yesterday, not quite as stocked as the first one would be (i guess), but it does it's job.
I don't know how related that is, but once I settled down I got a heavy case of "the notebooks" - I just filled two notebooks with gibberish, the usual "HE WAITS FOR ME" bull and (X)s in record time. They're burning away right now - they no longer have any purpose and God forbid anyone, especially a slender-free anyone, sees them.

Anyway, I think I'll keep spending my days at the library until I see him there, since he hasn't shown up inside for some reason.

Okay, I'm signing out,


  1. @zero: Regarding your posts under my last entry - did you somehow come into contact with K-OS? And what did you mean by "basic questions"?

  2. well, you could ask 'Where are you?" "Why are you helping me?" things like that. Maybe K-OS will respond.

    Yes, I've had a little contact with K-OS.

    He's really toying with you lately. That's....well, you know it's not good at all.

    Firstly, don't ever consider anywhere you are to be 'safe'. That seems to be a death sentence when it involves him.

    I recommend setting some basic alarms in this new apartment you're in. Like anything that could cause noise if someone knocked it over. A classic alarm is a glass bottle atop a doorknob. When someone turns the knob, the bottle falls and shatters, alerting you.

    I mention this not because of him, but because he's probably going to have a Hallowed or Agent attack you soon. Stay strong, Pete.

  3. Я буду бежать и вы также должны бежать

    ОН становится голодным

  4. if I understand Jill properly, she says, "I'm forced to be on the run, you should be too, it's hungry"

    You know, I really want to set a trap for this jackass, but I dont understand enough yet to do that.

  5. @zero : and if White Elphants is to be believed, the new post anyway, you're not the one to set traps. Maduin is. Thanks for the translation, too.
    Also, about K-OS, what the hell?! First you say it's helpful, now that it's toying with me...isn't that a bit too contradictory to believe?
    I'll try with "Why are you helping me?" though.

    @Jill : Hell, why the Russian?

  6. let me clarify, sorry

    I don't call TDF *He* with caps, because that implies fear or respect, I should go back to /construct/ for clarity. Sorry, been a long day.

    /Construct/ is toying with you. not K-OS

    also, where'd you see this about Maduin setting traps? I don't believe I read that.

  7. Oh, I think he means this.

    Pete, you wrote defiance works for you against him. If you encounter this situation again try bargin past him if there will be a way to escape in case things go to hell.

  8. I see his page now, must've missed the update last night.

    This is such a breakthrough, months ago every runner would be going on about how they can see him in their mind, and how they can't sleep. The fear is still there, surely, but now there's defiance. The tide turns.

  9. Sorry about the Russian. I can't type some things now. Like my fingers don't work.

  10. K-OS messaged me. I just bookmarked a language translator for her and you, Jill. Sheesh

    Okay, so K-OS posts this, with music links as always

    Petri martyrium.
    Mea salus.

    this translates to
    Stone Martyrium (as in where the bones of a martyr lay)


    My Safety

    it all leads to a song called "The Stake"

    I think....K-OS is trying to tell us where to fight him...

  11. well you certainly don't make it easy, K-OS

    sorry turns out it's Rocky martyrdom not Martyrium